How Do I?

Assessor's Office

Taxes are payable in January of each year. Beginning in February, interest begins to accrue at .5% per month.

Category: Assessor's Office

You may pay your taxes at the county courthouse.

Category: Assessor's Office

You must file a homestead application at the courthouse between January 1st and April 1st to receive the exemption. Bring your car tag number and a copy of your deed with you.

Category: Assessor's Office

Chancery Clerk's Office

Our office is open from 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. There is always someone here to help you between those hours.

Yes, you can. In doing so, you are acting as our own attorney. Office staff and Court personnel cannot assist you in completing these forms or answer any legal questions about what to do next. See attached letter and information regarding filing your divorce.

You may get a copy from our website ( or call the office, and we will get it for you. There is a charge of $0.50 per page if we make the copy for you.

Call our office and give us the names of the husband and wife  and the year of divorce. We will make the copy for you. There is a charge of $0.50 per page.

We do not take online payments. You may come into the office and pay in person or call to give us a credit card over the phone. We accept cash, money order, cashier checks and debit/credit cards. We do not accept personal checks for payment of delinquent taxes.

After the mortgage company receives the last payment, they will send a cancellation to record in our office. We file the cancellation in our land records, stamp the recorded mortgage “CANCELLED” and return the recorded cancellation to the mortgage company. The mortgage company should then in turn mail the cancellation and the original mortgage document to you signifying payment in full of the mortgage.

Contact the attorney listed on the foreclosure notice for any questions about the property, the bid price or the address of the property.

You need to get an attorney to file the necessary papers in Chancery Court for you.

If you are over eighteen (18) years of age, you can contact Access to Justice website for information on how to do that. See attached handout.

Recording fees (attach list – Scan and remove right column)

Copy Fees – $0.25 per page if you make them and $0.50 per page if office personnel make them.

Foreclosure posting fee $10.00

Estate search fee $10.00

Research Fee (tax sale information, etc.) $25.00 plus copies

Our office cannot recommend attorneys to anyone, answer any legal questions or give legal advice. We also do not do title searches or mineral searches.

Circuit Clerk's Office

  1. Completed application (Download Application)
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Passport Photograph (1)
  4. Check made payable to U.S. Department of State for passport fees
  5. Check, cash or credit card for Circuit Clerk’s fee

Provide an abstract of the judgement and $5.00 fee to enroll.

Fill out the Mississippi Voter Registration Application as indicated. This form can be mailed to the Pike County Circuit Clerks office or presented in person. The form must be received 30 days before the election in which you want to vote. If you are qualified and the information on your form is complete, you will be mailed a voter card that tells you where to vote.

Mail completed form to:
Pike County Circuit Clerk
P.O. Drawer 31
Magnolia, MS 39652

Submit form in person:
Pike County Circuit Clerk
200 East Bay Street
Magnolia, MS 39652

If you have additional questions please call the Circuit Clerks Office at (601) 783-2581.

Solid Waste

Your pickup day depends on location. When you sign up for trash services, you will be informed of the pickup day. (Trash picked up once per week)

Category: Solid Waste

You are allowed (6) bags of trash per week, no commercial size bags.

Category: Solid Waste

The County only picks up regular household trash.

Category: Solid Waste

Yes, all units.

Category: Solid Waste

Pike County Landfill (601)783-6765 or Pike Co. Transfer Station (601)783-2369

Category: Solid Waste

Yes, bills may be drafted from your checking or saving’s account or you may visit the website for credit or debit card payments.

Category: Solid Waste

Tax Collector's Office

Car and truck tags are issued by the tax collector at the courthouse. Typically, you have 7 working days from the date of purchase to register your vehicle. Tags are usually valid for a period of one year from the date they are issued.

Yes. You may also be eligible for a credit against future taxes. If the tag has not expired, take the tag and your original receipt to the tax collector for a credit voucher.

Yes. If the business is located inside the city limits, a license will be issued by the city. If the business is outside of the city limits and inside the county, the county tax collector will issue your license at the courthouse.

Please visit their website at

Here is a convenient estimator to give you an idea how much your registration/tag will cost. This is not an official quote. The exact amount owed will be given by the deputy tax collector when you complete your registration/tag payment. Click the link below to begin.

Vehicle Registration Estimator