Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for the county’s computer hardware, software, and data.

This includes overseeing and recommending all computer hardware and software purchases that involve the county’s IBM iSeries computer as well as Personal Computers.

They’re responsible for working with each county department to ensure that proper security is in place to safeguard the county’s computerized information. They establish all user profiles to access the iSeries, thereby, limiting each user’s access to only the information they need to see.

The Information Technology Department is also responsible for the county’s networking system as well as its internet connection. They are responsible for monitoring all county internet and Email usage.

They work with county departments in scheduling large print jobs, (ie: Assessment Rolls, Tax Receipts, Solid Waste Bills, etc), as well as printing and bursting some jobs themselves.

Information Technology Manager
Jason Maxwell
PO Box 431
Magnolia, MS 39652
Phone: (601)783-2001
E-mail: See Contact Page

Information Technology Manager Assistant
Vacant Position