Board of Supervisors

Standing left to right:
District 4 Supervisor, Jake Gazzo
District 3 Supervisor, Robert J. Accardo
District 2 Supervisor, Samuel Hall
District 5 Supervisor, Lee Fortenberry
Board Attorney, Brandon Frazier
Seated left to right:
Chancery Clerk, Becky Buie
District 1 Supervisor, Justin Lofton
County Administrator, Tami Dangerfield
PHOTO: Matt Williamson

The Pike County Board of Supervisors is a diverse, energetic group of individuals committed to serving the people of Pike County.

The five supervisors are each elected for four-year terms from districts that vary in geographic size but have approximately the same population.

The Board’s primary duties include: adopting an annual budget, setting the County Tax Levy, setting policies, goals, and objectives to direct the County’s growth and development, adopting and providing for ordinances, rules, and regulations as necessary for the County, as well as overseeing the maintenance of all the County’s roads and bridges. As you can see, the supervisors of today have far greater responsibilities than those of yesteryear.

The Pike County Board of Supervisors is committed to continuing the improvement in the quality of life for all the County’s residents. As we move into the new century, we are up to the challenges of providing better jobs, as well as more county services, and committed to running Pike County in an efficient, productive business-like manner.

We always welcome your input and are here to serve you at all times.