Memorial Day Program, Friday May 24th, 9am. Courthouse Lawn

Election Commission

Physical Address:
265 S. Cherry Str.
Magnolia, MS 39652
Mailing Address:
P.O. Drawer 31
Magnolia, MS 39652
Election Central:
294 E. Laurel St.
Magnolia, MS 39652

Office Phone: (601) 783-3486


We are the office of the Election Commission. It is our responsibility to maintain the voter rolls of the county. We remove the names of those persons from the voting rolls that have moved, died, or have become disqualified because of the commission of certain crimes. We are responsible for all general and special elections that involve county, state, and federal elections. We are elected officials of the county.

DISTRICT 1 JEMIKA BATES 601-869-7131 See Contact Page
DISTRICT 2 ALICIA FORREST 601-869-7132 See Contact Page
DISTRICT 3 DANNY CREEL 601-869-7133 See Contact Page
DISTRICT 4 JULIE ETHERIDGE 601-869-7134 See Contact Page
DISTRICT 5 STACEE OTT 601-869-7135 See Contact Page

Additional Information: