What are recording costs and research fees for the Chancery Clerk’s Office?

Recording fees (attach list – Scan and remove right column)

Copy Fees – $0.25 per page if you make them and $0.50 per page if office personnel make them.

Foreclosure posting fee $10.00

Estate search fee $10.00

Research Fee (tax sale information, etc.) $25.00 plus copies

Our office cannot recommend attorneys to anyone, answer any legal questions or give legal advice. We also do not do title searches or mineral searches.

How do I change my legal name?

If you are over eighteen (18) years of age, you can contact Access to Justice website for information on how to do that. See attached handout.

What do I need to do after I pay off my house mortgage.

After the mortgage company receives the last payment, they will send a cancellation to record in our office. We file the cancellation in our land records, stamp the recorded mortgage “CANCELLED” and return the recorded cancellation to the mortgage company. The mortgage company should then in turn mail the cancellation and the original mortgage document to you signifying payment in full of the mortgage.

Can I pay my delinquent taxes online?

We do not take online payments. You may come into the office and pay in person or call to give us a credit card over the phone. We accept cash, money order, cashier checks and debit/credit cards. We do not accept personal checks for payment of delinquent taxes.

Can I file my own divorce?

Yes, you can. In doing so, you are acting as our own attorney. Office staff and Court personnel cannot assist you in completing these forms or answer any legal questions about what to do next. See attached letter and information regarding filing your divorce.