District Attorney

Dewitt “Dee” Bates
District Attorney
14th Circuit Court District
Counties of Lincoln, Pike, and Walthall

284 East Bay Street
Magnolia, MS 39652
Fax: 601-783-5646

301 South First Street
Room 207
Brookhaven, MS 39601
Fax: 601-835-2942

The District Attorney’s office handles the prosecution of all felony cases bound over by the justice and city courts of the county. In addition to a crime victims’ assistance staff, this office also has a Bad Check Unit and a Pre-Trial Intervention Program.

The district attorney’s victims” assistance staff is available to aid victims of crimes in all aspects of court proceedings and preparations throughout the criminal justice process. This service extends also to finding and connecting them with resources available to victims such as counseling and crime victim’s compensation funds.

The Pretrial Intervention Program allows defendants to repay restitution, court cost, and attorney fees over a three year period and avoid having a felony conviction on their record. The program can last up to three years. During that time the defendant is supervised by the District Attorney staff and may be subject to monthly reporting, drug testing, and other conditions. Upon completion of the program, the case against the defendant is dismissed. The program began in October 1995 to collect restitution from defendants that had committed welfare fraud. Now along with welfare fraud, we also allow defendants to enter the program that has committed the crime of felonious bad check, grand larceny, embezzlement, and failure to support minor children.

The purpose of the District Attorney’s check unit is to aid in the collection of “insufficient funds” and “account closed” checks that are passed in the 14th district. The service provided by our office is free to the victims except when a complaint is withdrawn at which time the law states a $30 withdrawal fee is required. The law orders that all other fees are paid by the offender. To obtain a packet explaining the procedure for filing a complaint or to get a sign for your cash register, simply call or visit either our Magnolia or Brookhaven office.

Magnolia Office

Dewitt “Dee” Bates
District Attorney

Rodney G. Tidwell
Assistant District Attorney

Robert W. Byrd
Assistant District Attorney

Timothy O. Jones
Assistant District Attorney

Brendon Adams
Assistant District Attorney

Phillip O’Brien
Criminal Investigator

Virginia Dale Sanders
Worthless Check Unit

Jamie Murrell
Victim Assistant Coordinator

Becky Sistrunk
Legal Assistant

Cindy Brownell
Legal Assistant

Gwen Jackson
Legal Secretary, Worthless Check Unit

Brookhaven Office

Diane Jones
Assistant District Attorney

Jonita Robinson
Victim Assistance Coordinator

JayeLynn Miceli
Legal Secretary