Circuit Court
The circuit court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. Most circuit court cases are heard by juries.

Chancery Court
The chancery court has jurisdiction over matters involving equity, divorce, alimony, probate, guardianship, and sanity. Most chancery cases are non-jury proceedings, although juries may be impaneled in certain circumstances.

County Court
The county court have exclusive jurisdiction of matters involving eminent domain, partition of personal property, unlawful entry and detainer, and juvenile matters. County courts have concurrent jurisdiction with justice courts in all matters civil and criminal, and concurrent jurisdiction with circuit and chancery courts in all matters of law and equity up to $200,000. They may also adjudicate certain noncapital felony cases transferred by the circuit court.

Chancery Court Chancellor
Debra K Halford
PO Box 575
Meadville, MS 39653
(601) 384-3833

Circuit Court Judges
Michael M. Taylor
PO Box 1350
Brookhaven, MS 39602-1350
(601) 835-1576

David Strong
PO Box 1387
McComb, MS 39648

County Court Judge
Hon. John Price
294 East Laurel St.
Magnolia, MS 39652
(601) 783-2262

Justice Court Judges
Northern District Judge
Bryan Harbour
2109 Jesse Hall Memorial Rd.

Magnolia MS 39652

Central District Judge
Melvin Hollins
2109 Jesse Hall Memorial Rd.
Magnolia MS 39652

Southern District Judge
Aubrey Rimes
2109 Jesse Hall Memorial Rd.
Magnolia MS 39652