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Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk
218 East Bay Street
Magnolia, MS 39652
PO Drawer 31
Magnolia, MS 39652
(601) 783-2581
Fax (601) 783-6322

Pike County's Circuit Clerk Staff
Left to right: Brenda McGaugh, Gina Mitchell,
Brenda Williams, Roger A. Graves, Leachia Robinson
Denise Robinson, Della Simmons, Juanita Pounds, Judy Thompson


We take this opportunity to welcome you to the Circuit Clerk's office. It is our
privilege to serve as the registrar of voters. It is through the Circuit Clerk's office
that persons wishing to vote absentee for all county, state, and federal elections
may request a ballot. All prospective jurors for Justice, County, and Circuit Courts
are randomly drawn by computer and summoned through our office. Our office
serves as the clerk of the Circuit, County, and Juvenile Court System. It is in the
Circuit Clerk's office that marriage licenses are issued. The Circuit Clerk's office is
also a passport acceptance agent.